Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nashville Part: I

Ok..let's try this again. The first time I loaded all the pictures on here and started to write and everything disappeared on me! Technology is just wonderful don't you think? Anywho, I have never really explored any cities in Tennessee other than Chattanooga and Knoxville. Since Ryan moved back home, we decided to take a half day and see some places in Nashville! Next weekend I am going back and we are going downtown so there will be more to come! The only place we made it to was Centennial Park and the Parthenon replica! But it was fun!
These next two pictures were snapped by Mr. Ryan himself, like you couldn't tell. He is obsessed with waterfowl and caught this poor goose showing his good side!
It IS a pretty good picture though!

Here's Mr. Mallard!!!

This tree was really beautiful and I was trying to get a shot of it..but Ryan stepped in haha! So as he proudly posed, I just took his picture with it :) It turned out to be a nice picture!

Here are the beautiful columns!!

As Ryan was taking these pictures of me I kind of felt like some sort of Greek Goddess in front of all the colums and the wonderful Gargoils (sp?) and replicas! It was beautiful! Some part of me wishes that I could go back to that era and live and see what life was like!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes..There Are Perks!!

All those Valentine presents made me go out and buy even more!! I bought heart shaped silicone cupcake molds, cooling racks, sprinkles, and Abby bought a heart shaped cake mold!

We cancelled school for ourselves and on an icy day decided to stay at home and bake...all day. We didn't want to eat all of it though and we have tons of guy friends, so we decided to make a little treat for all of our boys at FarmHouse.

The site was hilarious of us both in the car trying to hold all of these plates on our laps going around curves and millions of speedhumps but when we got there, they boys were so very excited!! They all took a picture with us holding the treats! Eventually maybe I'll get that picture from them! One of the guys actually said that this was one of the perks of being in the Fraternity. haha....boys :)

Martinis and Valentines!!

Aren't they beautiful??? I had never had a chocolate martini before so as soon as I got back to Knoxville after Christmas Break I fixed Abby and me one and might I say that they are some of the prettiest drinks I have ever seen!!
Unfortunately they did not taste so good :p
Since Ryno has moved to Nashville, the first week back at school was kinda lonely for me so my mom and dad were sweethearts and drove up to Knoxville to spend the day with me! My mom always gets me a Valentines present and I got mine really really early this year. In it was a my heaven:
  • a pink silicone baking sheet
  • two pink dish towels with cupcakes on them
  • valentine heart brownies
  • a pad of paper with different colored hearts all over

That made me decide to be creative and make Valentine cookies oh..about a month early!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy :)

I woke up today to a beautiful day with not a care in the world and I decided to write on here about nothing, which I normally do not do. After reading one of my relatives blogs, I was given the idea to list things that make me happy on any particular day. I think that I will choose five things, and do them about today!

So, five things that make me happy today are.....

1. It's sunny outside!! For the first time in about a month!

2. That it's ok to have coffee and chocolate cookies for breakfast!

3. I get to shop all day and not worry about any school work!

4. That I am warm right now because Dad gave in and let me change the thermostat!

5. It sounds cheesy but true, that I have all the love that I need!

There you go! So maybe I inspired you to make you think of the little things every day that make you happy!

Have a marvelous day today! It's beautiful!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm.....
Whether this looks like a recipe for disaster or a recipe for fun to you, the only thing going on this day in the Cooper's kitchen was fun stuff! The day after Christmas my mom and I decided not to brave the crowded malls and crazy people jabbing you for the best deals and stayed at home to do some bonding. Both of us love to bake and quite frankly never have the time to do so. We gathered all of our ingredients and started working. Mom had seen somewhere that a lady made the cutest reindeer cookies and chocolate covered marshmallows. We made our own spin on both and then decided to do chocolate covered pretzels as well! Although the cookie-making came a little later than we would have liked, we now know how to do it and will be on time for Christmas next year! I have so many pictures, I think that I will just put them one after the other and let you enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Baking!!